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my little golden doodle


Eldoop Design

Felice Fleisher- owner/artist

email :

call/text :  416 627 1554

76 Saddletree Dr., Toronto, ON M2H3L3

About Eldoop Design

It's all about the pets, the clay and the sculpture!!

My name is Felice Fleisher, and I am the artist and creator of Eldoop Design.  If you've spent some time on my website, you'll know by now that I LOVE what I do.  I feel lucky to be able to create these tributes to the very loved non-humans in our lives.

My main focus is always to create a piece that I would be proud to have in my home, or give to a family member or friend as a tribute to their pet.  I've loved working in clay ever since I was a child and am in the happy position now to be able to spend much of my time, creating pet/dog sculpture, custom treat jars, urns and and other tributes to the loved pets in people's lives.

My path to Eldoop was anything but direct.  I have a fine arts degree (majored in ceramics) from the University of Washington in Seattle and a teaching degree from the University of Toronto. My ceramics background lead me through a friend to the then fledgling home entertainment business and over the next 30 years I was deeply involved in the growth of this vibrant business working for several film studios in great cities like Seattle, Denver and Los Angeles. Family and a great opportunity took me back to Toronto as the head of Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment division where I lead the company for 20 years. Between an exciting and challenging  career, family and kids I had no time to play with clay.  


When the economic winds shifted in 2009 and the home entertainment business began its rapid decent, my path changed and with it, a new chapter.  I retired from Paramount and immediately started taking art classes again.  It had always been an interest of mine to make custom dog cookie jars..... I wanted one for myself, for my dogs and I thought it would be fun to make them for other people...... so I gave it a try.  I reacquainted myself with throwing pots on a wheel and tried my hand at sculpting dogs for friends and family.

I found out that surprisingly, I could capture the look and personality of dogs and, I LOVED doing it.  


Always working toward improvement and a true passion for artistic exploration, I've continued my art education with figurative sculpture, painting and other disciplines.  

Mostly I work at refining my ability to create pet/dog sculpture and hone my skills as a potter. I'm always excited to dream up different ways to bring my sculptures to life and create environments for them that are sometimes whimsical, often practical, but always with a loving view toward capturing the essence of the beloved pet I am working on.  

I hope you enjoy my website!  I'm always happy to answer question, so please feel free to contact me.


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