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Custom Dog Sculpture

Custom Pet Sculpture

Please see the Gallery of Pet Sculpture below for

more views of sculptures, making of videos, progress shots and more. 

(Click on any image to see a full size version and its story)

Pet Sculpture is My Passion!

Capturing the lovable likeness and personality of your dog or pet   in sculpture is where it all begins. 

Small enough to fit on the lid of a treat jar or keepsake 


Big enough to greet friends and family as they enter your home

Each sculpture is totally custom created capturing the essence of your dog/pet. SIze - from 4" to

over 24".


My creations are made of high fire clay and porcelain, colored with underglaze, stains, glazes, and specialty finishes.

For Ordering info, please see

Ordering & Pricing



Creating the Sculpture of Kenzie

What You May be Wondering

Pricing:  All pricing is custom to your piece and is dependent on the how much time it will take to create the sculpture.  Some are more complex or difficult to create than others.    A single, small sculpture (around 3-4") starts at $150. Larger sculptures start at $250 , with 10-12" sculptures priced at around $375.

Timing: Typical lead time from acceptance of order through shipping is 6-12 weeks depending on the project.

Reference Pictures: Good reference pictures (by email) with details of expression, markings, tail etc are so important.  The more I can see, the better job I can do. :-)

Your Involvement:  I love it!! Once we set on a collaborative plan, I'll set to work.  I'll update you for your feedback and when the claywork is almost done I'll send pictures and make changes if need be. 

Holiday ornaments :  These can be created in ceramic or air dry clay.  For delivery before Christmas, please order by mid October.

To Order or Inquire, please contact

Pricing subject to change - $US - shipping not included in pricing

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