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I like to keep my pieces priced so that they are accessible to many budgets. I will always work with you to confirm your order and provide a solid quote (by email), including shipping if requested, before I begin to work on your piece.  Depending on the amount of detail, pricing can vary. 

Treat Jars with Custom Sculptures

Start at $195 for a 6"-8" (medium to large) treat jar with a sculpture of one dog plus a few additional toys, blankets etc, their name on the jar and a special custom eldoop stamp.  A two dog jar starts at $325.  I can create up to 3 dogs on a jar.  Larger jars will have a slightly higher cost.  

Treat Jars WithOut Custom Sculptures

Custom Treat Jars without sculptures can start at $70 for a lovely simple treat jar with the name of your pet added and some simple customization.  I can try to create whatever you have in mind - final pricing will depend on the amount of time, materials etc required to create your vision.



Each piece created at Eldoop Design is custom made to each client's requests, so prices can vary based on materials, size, details, additions and other things.  

Below is a guideline to pricing which I hope will be helpful.

Custom Urns and Keepsakes with sculptures tend to have different designs as compared to treat jars.  These also start at $195 and include the vessel, custom sculpture, name and a few additional elements to personalize further.

Sculpture (freestanding)

Free standing sculptures are priced individually based on the complexity of the sculpture and the time it will take to create it.  Ceramic pet sculpture starts at $150 for a 3- 4" sculpture.  Larger sculptures start at $250 with most in the 10-12" range priced at around $375.  Each piece will be individually quoted based on the pose, type of sculpture and amount of time and materials estimated to complete the sculpture.

Custom Dog Bowls and Accessories

Custom dog bowls start at $85 for a medium sized bowl (around 6-8" across) and include your dog/pet's name and some additional decoration as agreed upon.  As with my other items, slightly smaller will be a little less and slightly larger will be a little more and final pricing will depend on the design, materials, detail etc.   


my parti poodle

Pricing is in US$. Shipping is additional by ground USPS, Canada Post, UPS or Fed X or most reasonable/safe carrier.   There are no extra handling or shipping materials fees unless there are special circumstances that require extra expense and time to ship.  All of my pieces are wrapped and packaged carefully for safe travel across North America and throughout the world.  

Canadian and international customers, please alert me to your locations and we can take determine costs based on currency exchange and shipping.  

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