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Step 1-  Contact Me...Lets Start Talking

Please contact me at  or call/text to 416 627 1554 and let me know that you're thinking about ordering.  Tell me a little (or alot) about your ideas and ask any questions you may have. If you can, please send a picture so I can see who we're talking about.

Step 2 - Pictures Please :-)

Reference pictures (by email) are really important...the better the pictures, the better job I can do in capturing your pet's likeness and personality.  Please try to send pictures showing the face, body, special markings, tail, and back.  And if you don't have pictures, a good verbal description can help a lot.



Treat Jars!

Step 3 - We Plan Your Piece

We collaborate on the look of the piece and come up with a plan.  Often people will look at my website and choose something they like as a starting point, and then we customized from there. Please let me know if you will want any special customization - like - special colors, shapes, favorite toys added, wording etc.   I can also work up basic sketches for you to help in the design process.

Step 4 - Finalize and Price Quote

We finalize the concept either by email, text, or calls, with or without sketches and when we have it nailed down I'll send you a confirming email with details and pricing.

I can also provide an estimate for the shipping cost to your location.

Then, I go to work on your Custom Piece!

You'll be kept in the loop as I work on your piece.  When I am almost finished with the claywork I'll send you a few pictures so you can provide feedback to me if something doesn't look right.   I'll do my best to make your changes and then, once its dry, no more claywork changes can be made.

Please see How They're Made for more information on the process. 

It's quite complex and you can see why it takes 5-8 weeks to complete.

Shipping/Satisfaction /Payment

Every effort will be made to ship your piece so it arrives safely.  However, if a piece arrives broken in transit, I will replace it. 

If your piece breaks in your home, unless there was a design defect, I can not replace it with out a charge. 

Ceramic is a breakable medium, so I reinforce delicate areas (like sticking up ears or thin legs) with hidden extra glaze and sometimes epoxy glue.  To date, I have not heard of any of my pieces that have broken other than because of a drop or mishap.  My policy is that every customer needs to be a happy customer, so I'll do whatever is reasonable to provide you with an excellent experience. 


All treat jars and bowls are totally food safe and for the most part dishwasher safe... although, I would recommend hand washing the treat jar lids and jars if there is any decorative finish other than glaze on the piece.


I generally take payment after a piece is complete.  In some cases I will ask for a deposit upfront.  Pricing is quoted in US$.

Payment by personal check is preferable, however I also take Paypal and credit card payments (with a small extra charge).  If you can etransfer funds, that works too!!  I will always send you an invoice by email and provide the shipping tracking number. 

Canadian and International customers, please alert me of your location for exchange rate pricing and shipping.


We ship worldwide!!  All orders are welcome!!  

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